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Tianjin Shengte PC steel strand CO.,LTD

Company Profile
We know from website. We are Tianjin Shengte Prestressed Concretes steel Strand manufacturer, we are very glad to establish our relationship with you, we have good reputation in this area, and also our price are very competitive in the market. Our major products are prestressed steel strand for prestressed concrete, PC Unbonded strand and steel wire and so on.

Contact Us
Company: Tianjin Shengte PC steel strand CO.,LTD
Contact: Ms. rose zhang
Address: NO.6 zhihenghui industry park, hongkong street,jinnan economic development zone,Tianjin,PRC.
Postcode: 300102
Tel: 86 22 28011818
Fax: 86 22 28011888

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Tel : 86 22 28011818 Fax : 86 22 28011888
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